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James Charisma specializes in pop rock and upbeat jazz. Tuning into KTUH from 3 to 6 pm every Wednesday, listeners can expect a stream of early jazz, contemporary classical, bossa nova, lounge and house music, mixed acoustic, audio mashups, afro-funk grooves, indie sets, Broadway musicals, pop, new wave, as well as glam rock, club beats, film scores, and electric instrumentation.

Playing music from the twentieth century (with some new music from the twenty-first), each show is a surprise—everything from the Ink Spots to the Scissor Sisters, ragtime piano jazz and new wave French pop, Harry Connick Jr meets Harry Belafonte.

In addition to music, Charisma is the editor of Abstract Magazine, an award-winning lifestyle and culture publication for Hawai‘i, and the creative director of Charisma Industries, an independent design agency specializing in print and digital media.

He can be reached on Instagram (@JCharisma), Twitter (@CharismaInd), and online at www.charismaindustries.com.


  • Wednesday - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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