22 responses to “KTUH Guest Appearance

  1. Who was/were the dj(‘s) doing the guest appearance today, Wednesday 9/28/16 at 9 am – 12 pm? Really interesting music and great commentary. Is there a playlist?

    • Hi Gayle!

      That was DJ NO-REQUEST. He has a news show called “Ice Cold Heat” and is in the process of creating a show page for you! I’ll email the DJ and have him get back to you about the playlist. Thank you so much for listening!

  2. Hey Matt Rat

    You played a song today I believe by Red Giant? I can’t find it any where! Can you send. E a link to today’s play list?


  3. I wanna hear more music played by Phil! I can tell he has a great taste in music, bc I am a musician myself. I actually partake in UH Music myself too!
    I would like to hear Phil’s music once a week!

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