13 responses to “My Little Corner of the World

  1. Hey just wondering if I could get today’s playlist? I heard a song that ended at 2:3pm that I really liked. Love this station!

  2. Hey, I’d love to see the playlist for yesterday between noon and 3pm. I was really into those songs. What a great playlist. Thanks!

  3. Can you name the song played around 9:29 this am? I think you said it was a Japanese artist… mahalo!

    • Aloha Heather,

      The song was “Quiet” by [.que]. It’s from his new album Wonderland. Thanks for listening!

  4. The song played today aroun 9:29am, i really liked it on the drive to work. What was the name and artist please?

  5. Hey I would love to get the playlist from today there was the song that came on around 11:30 right before Paul Van Dyke touched by heaven that I really liked

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