The Conscious Groove

Hosted by:

DJ Righteous Rob


  • Conscious Hip Hop
  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop
  • J-Pop
  • K-rap/hiphop
  • Latin Hip Hop
  • Lounge
  • Neo-soul
  • R&B
  • Soul

Join me on a musical journey of Conscious Grooves for your mind, body, and soul.  We will explore the realms of soul and soul influenced genres of music from the past to the present with an emphasis on the 1990s.


  • Tuesday - 12:00 am - 3:00 am

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    3 responses to “The Conscious Groove

    1. Loving whatever this song is at 2:30am. “Dont stop, rock….” Great way to chill after a night at Ong King. Mahalo!!


      • Hi Melody,

        Thank you so much for supporting the show, I really appreciate it. The song that was playing during the time mentioned was Apple Pie by Virgo. Nostalgic Bass music from the 90s. If this is not the track you are looking for, please lmk.

        Righteous Rob

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