The Mix Plate w/ DJ Caleb with a C

Hosted by:

Caleb Turner


  • Rock

12.00. An announcement is just ending and the next song fades in, tentative guitars growing against background noise. The beat drops with some piano, but it’s still gentle. Beautiful vocals. You’re sad when the song is over. But you’ve never heard it before… A deep voice comes on, and introduces itself as DJ Caleb with a C. He says the song is called Storms and it’s by Person L, and he likes it for the same reasons you do. The next song sounds more familiar, but it’s not radio material. Crystal-clear sound but a hint of scratching.. is this vinyl?? Overdose by Little Daylight, that guy announces. This new show is clearly building–the beat drops and gets right into it on the next song, a song by Capital Cities that you’ve never heard of before. It’s way better than their popular one–Safe and Sound or whatever. Who knew they had more? You turn up the volume. This song’s got trumpet, and awesome drums. The next song is just as fast, but after that is a longer and sadder number by Broken Bells. These songs flow beautifully into each other, but the next one’s a little jarring. Everything up till now has been clearly indie electronic, and the DJ said he would be “bringing it more to the electronic side.” It’s not long before he plays a dark, instrumental production from El-P. By the time DJ Caleb with a C is done telling you about El-P’s alternative rap career, you’re itching with anticipation. You can tell from his excitement that this song is gonna be incredible. Too bad it’s less than 3 minutes long–it’s mind-blowing. You wonder how you’ve gone your life without hearing any of this music. The next track is classic EDM stuff, Drivel by Mord Fustang. All thoughts of doing your homework leave your mind as you sit and listen, stunned, to this show. In the three hours that follow, you’ve discovered the cinematic pop of Milo Greene, remembered just how awesome The Beatles are, listened to the haunting vocals of Active Child, and danced to the upbeat sound of The Griswolds. The Mix Plate with DJ Caleb with a C: It begins.


  • Sunday - 9:00 pm - 12:00 am

17 responses to “The Mix Plate w/ DJ Caleb with a C

  1. Caleb With a C…..GREAT trip to Panthertown! Thanks for everything!
    Be sure to send those photos….

  2. Hey there’s a song you played this morning 11/8 that was a instrumental beat. I think it was by coffee would you be able to send me the title of that song thanks.

  3. Hey Caleb – listen’ in all the way from Grants Pass, Oregon! Great to hear your voice, Jim and Merri Carol

  4. DJ Caleb,
    Great job on a fantastic show – I can count on you to make my morning – keep up the cool music!

    (listening at work in WA State and KTUH alum)

    • DJ Caleb,
      Great job on a fantastic show – I can count on you to make my morning – keep up with the cool music! ooops I didn’t realize I posted once already

      (listening at work in WA State and KTUH alum)

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