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The Nest w/ DJ MOA

From across the globe the trendsetting musical titan bird known as MOA has made his home from noon to 3 PM Wednesdays on 90.1FM KTUH – bringing you the best folk, alternative, indie music you’ve never known that you’ve always wanted to hear.

Keep up to date on some of the newest sounds in folk & alternative, as well as up to date on your favorite bands, the latest and greatest concerts, and all the best music festivals from around the country.

Whether you’re just tuning in, want to call in and chat, or just need some existential background jams, then settle into the Nest and let the music give your chakras wings.

Noon – 3 PM Wednesdays KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu



  • Wednesday - 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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