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DJ Hang The DJ


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The Unfun Radio show on KTUH fills the void of Punk Rock N’ Roll on the airwaves. Growing up the youngest of five kids in a musical family (along with working for record stores and a record label) gave me a broad aural palette and a deep love for music of many genres but it has always been Punk Rock with it’s intensity, honesty and passion that resonated the most within me.

Unfun Radio is an exploration* of Punk Rock N’ Roll, proving that it can be loud and blistering, slow and melodic, raw or polished, poppy, thrashy, emotive, satirical, political and more. You will also occasionally hear other genres that fit the Punk ethos.

*As with many other styles, one of the purposes of Punk music is to share knowledge. I want to show you music you may have never heard and I want you to call the show and suggest something that I may have never heard.


The playlist for each week’s show is posted here, below.


  • Monday - 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

11 responses to “Unfun Radio

  1. Enjoy your show every monday! You take me back 20 years, to the good ol days. Hands down one of my favorite shows on KTUH.

    • Thank you! I try to keep a healthy mix of new as well as the older music because so much of it is certainly still relevant.
      Thanks for listening!

  2. College Radio that actually sounds like College Radio. Your show is THE ONLY show that compares or rates with the likes of KXLU, KSFU, KSJU, KCSB, KUCI others. You are consistent, knowledgeable, underground yet alternative, interesting, down to earth, and not afraid, intimidated, or self-conscious and willing to let it out untapped sometimes but only to back it with some mellow soothes alternatively. Sounds I have not heard before and I like that and that’s feeding the alternative ears of what college radio is and should be. Music with attitude but no attitude DJ HANG THE DJ…..

    • Thanks John! I strive to stay true to the ethos of college radio and I’m glad that listeners like you appreciate it!

      Some stickers will be coming your way soon.

  3. A few months ago, in late June, you did a show where you played what I think is an Australian folk punk band. I used to have the band name saved, but I’ve since lost it. Do you either have the archives from shows played in June or remember the band? Thanks!

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