The Avalanches

avalanches-since-i-left-you-reissueThe Avalanches are an Australian electronic group who have grown largely popular since their debut album Since I Left You which was released in 2000, a wonderful gift to the world if I do say so myself. The album is a psychedelic compilation of samples from around 3,500 records, the album will make you want to put on patterned pants and smoke a j in your ’68 Camaro. The Avalanches are experts at stitching together vinyl samples to create dreamy tunes that have a nostalgic vibe to them. Believe it or not, the group members got the bulk of their musical supplies (recording gear, vinyls, etc.) at thrift shops, now that my friends is brilliant (take note musicians, this is so the way to go.) The anticipation for new releases has been high since the uproar following the Since I Left You album, the people got a taste of the cake and they want another slice! The Avalanches have slowly dropped mixtapes through out the years, each one clearly showcasing the ridiculous talent these guys have for patching samples together.

Check out their YouTube channel to listen to their mixtapes/singles/wildly creative videos

By: Dj Jem

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