The Best of Monday Night Live

The Rice Cooker

Monday, 9-12am

The Best of Monday Night Live hour makes use of our extensive MNL archive recordings. While we don’t have recordings of every group that has played here, we do have recordings dating back to 1985. Listening to all those tapes- well over 200- is a challenge, but an interesting one; the music performed by the bands of the day reflect the musical taste of the community at the time. The experience ranges from funny to enlightening to somewhat disturbing, depending on personal taste.

We’re proud of our history of giving local musicians a forum for their original work. Unfortunately, most venues allow bands to perform only if they play music that audiences are familiar with. We at Monday Night Live couldn’t disagree more. KTUH is called ‘Hawaii’s Only Alternative’ for a reason- we want to give people the chance to hear music that they would not be able to hear anywhere else. Turn to us for a refreshing change in music programming!

Download weekly archive.

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