The Chromatics “Kill for Love” Album Review

Chromatics return with their first studio album in 5 years, Kill for Love released under the label Italians Do It Better. With Kill for Love the Chromatics have comfortably matured as a group while still holding onto to threads of the electronic/disco sound that caught my ear a few years back. At first listen I wasn’t sure how I felt about the more introspective mood of Kill for Love, but over the last week it has grown on me.

A few things that have more of a prescence on this album than past works are the guitar and male vocals. The majority of the tracks you will find spacey guitar riffs and solos that are quite pleasing. A good move on the Chromatics part because not only does it bring the music out of the disco, but it also give the album a cinematic quality not present in previous albums. Not sure how I feel about the male vocals, however I am always more interested in female vocals over male vocals.

I recommend giving Kill for Love a listen on a long drive to nowhere as the tempo should suit the changing landscape and passing time. If you wanna hear that classic Chromatics disco/electronic feel give tracks 2,4,5,14 and 15 a listen.

Listen to the album on Soundcloud.
RIYD: Glass Candy, Feist, Washed Out.
Review by Roki Sasaki

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