The Derek Doe Show

Derek Doe

Thursday, inactive

Ohhhh You Didn’t Know???

This is the Derek Doe Show, where you’ll hear all the rock your little ear drums can handle. From hair bands of the 80’s like Gun’s and Roses to the smooth pickings of Neil Young, nothing is off limits. I’m here to make sure rock infiltrates your day for 3 consecutive hours.

To give your head a reprieve from the 10 minute Doors instrumentals you’re bound to hear, you’ll also be given a witty commentary on life, entertainment, sports, and anything else going on in your world, and mine. Frequently you’ll be treated to the outlandish stories of recent Derek Doe and Friends activities. Just like the rock, nothing is off limits… except the swears. Guests are subjected to being honest and entertaining. Look forward to inside peeks at the lives of UH Students and Athletes.


If you don’t like what you hear, I’m one of the few DJ’s who loves to regale my friends with stories of unhappy, vulgar listeners, so feel free to let me have it. And if you love what you hear, I’m never opposed to a few good ego strokes… stroke away. Call in, tell me how great I am, or what my show needs, both are appreciated, not everything is taken to heart.

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