The Happyoblivion Best LP of 2015

brideshead - never grow up
Spotlight on Brideshead’s album “Never Grow Up”
Coming out of Wiesbaden, Germany, it’s Brideshead with their third album, which is 14 songs of pure indie-pop goodness!  Yes, they do sing all their songs in English, and in fact sound like they could hail from the UK.  All the ingredients are there for an enjoyable set of cheer-filled songs.  The vocals are spot on, the guitars keep everything moving, and there are the perfect catchy pop hooks.  Highlights of the album include “At 45 RPM,”  “the Mermaid,””Me and The Stars and The Sea,” and “The World Stopped Turning.”  Cue up this album and play the whole thing, because you will be smiling and bouncing along for the entire ride!
And if you are curious, here’s the rundown of my 20 favorite LPs from 2015, also listed at
20. azure blue – every ending story (Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea LP) (Sweden)
19. the chills ~ when the poor can reach the moon “silver bullets” [fire] (Dunedin, New Zealand)
18. hibou ~ dissolve “hibou” [barsuk]
17. dragonfly collector – dragonfly collector (the world is your oyster LP) (Philippines)
16. dot dash – the winter of discontent (Earthquakes & Tidal Waves)
15. burt rocket ~ boss board “fiberglass frenzy” [double crown]
14. line & circle – out of metaphors (split figure LP)
13. momoiro clover z ~ Chu tobu! Ozashiki ressha “5th dimension” [starchild] (Japan)
12. summer fiction – perfume paper (Himalaya LP)
11. surf city ~ spec city “Jekyll Island” [fire] (New Zealand)
10. strange babes – holiday (self-titled LP)
9. flyying colours ~ in the end “EPX2” [shelflife]
8. knife pleats ~ one step too far “hat bark beach” [jigsaw]
7. viewtorino – getting better (viewpoint LP) (Japan)
6. big quiet ~ ghost “big quiet” [slumberland]
5. pictured resort – now and on “now and on” [miles apart] (Japan)
4. cola jet set ~ no te enamores de mi “El Fin Del Mundo” [elefant] (Spain)
3. martin courtney ~ northern highway “many moons” [domino]
2. the school ~ wasting away and wondering “wasting away and wondering” [elefant]
1. brideshead ~ at 45 rpm “never grow up” [dufflecoat] (Germany)

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