TRACK REVIEW: Moonlight in Atlanta

Released only a few hours ago, Atlanta-based artist Russ has dropped yet another track that makes all of his listeners want to take their special guy/gal on a walk they will never forget in the cool night air gazing at the moon (if Russ hasn’t taken them on such a date already- I mean the dude already speaks Spanish). His utilization of deep bass and hi-hat straight from the ATL mixed with the smooth vocals and soothing tones in the background has made this track another simple yet solid single.

For those who have not heard of him by now, Russ has proven himself a talented, self-producing rapper/singer/songwriter and has been gaining a slow but steady online following because of his clever lyrics and his multidirectional approach to his songs. Creating a variety of tracks, he proves that he is truly capable of making everything and anything you are looking for and more in a modern day artist of his genre. The songs that he creates not only come out with a quality production but also in a consistent and timely fashion. He started his musical career late 2014, and ever since February 1st of  2015, he has released a new song every single week, with this single being the 2nd of this year and the 63rd in total. So he is really removing any and all doubt on his musical ability and proving that he will stop at nothing to ensure that his music is heard. With his Soundcloud success finally taking stride, all that’s left for him to do is release a full-length project. His fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival, but as far as anyone can tell, the weekly singles will have to suffice.

As for this track, the old, dusty sound of this record with its modern twist has really made this a short and sweet hit to vibe with. This song is similar to that of his previously released tracks “Down For You”, “Losin Control” and even “Lick.” However, they are all individually altered in their own way to make them all equally fresh, unique, and an overall delight to listen to. If you have learned anything from this track- for the short amount of time that it has been exposed to the internet- and all the other songs that he has made, be sure to know that he solidifies the fact that he really is on top of his game, and he is a man who can and will create his own destiny in the music industry. I can’t wait to see what future projects of his arrive in the coming weeks, and you can bet on this guy to make big things happen in 2016. I’ll definitely keep him on my track playlists in my upcoming shows. Be sure to check him out.

Other tracks:

  1. Losin Control
  2. The Formula
  3. Do It Myself
  4. Be Somebody
  5. Checked

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