Track Review – Revolution by Spacemen 3

Last year, Jason Pierce; the only constant member of the space rock band Spiritualized, released the album Sweet Heart Sweet Light to critical acclaim. Though Pierce has been in the independent music scene since the late 80s, going by the name J. Spaceman in the group Spacemen 3, in some regards little has changed about his music. For example, “Headin to the Top Now”, a standout track from last year’s release, is reminiscent of the classic Spacemen 3 single “Revolution”. Both songs combine a crushing repetitive guitar riff with a squall of white noise, building up to a triumphant and ear splitting climax. Peter Kember, the other integral member of Spacemen 3, takes sole songwriting credit on “Revolution” – so despite Spacemen 3’s acrimonious breakup, Kember’s influence on Pierce endures.

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