Tree Snails Delay Repair of North Shore Transmitter

Honouliuli Kahuli on Christmas Berry

Honouliuli Kahuli on Christmas Berry. Cute, yeah? Photo c/o

We at KTUH have been unable to broadcast to the North Shore for the last couple weeks, and will remain so for an indefinite period into the near future. Power lines to the transmitter, which we share with Hawaiʻi Public Radio, were knocked out in a storm.

Repairs to it are being delayed because of an endangered species of tree snail, the achatinella mustelina, a.k.a. honouliuli kahuli, which inhabits the area. Environmental law requires supervision of the repairs from state-employed caretakers, who will ensure that the snails can get it on safely, able to freak each other and make snail-babies without without suffering the crunch of our technicians’ work boots. It’s now mating season.

In any case, we are as concerned as anyone about our beloved indigenous flora and fauna. Please bear with us as we get through this process, doing all we can to #SaveTheSnails and get broadcasting again.

If you’re affected by the loss of the North Shore signal, please tune in meanwhile via our streaming audio feed:

Mahalo nui.

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