What Happened To 89.9 FM?

KTUH is the only station that loves you so we want to let you know that we are preparing for some big changes!

If you listen to KTUH from the windward side, you’ve likely noticed that we are no longer broadcasting at 89.9fm. Fear not loyal listeners because we are preparing to switch to one stronger signal, island-wide, very soon! In the meantime, we’re still broadcasting at 90.3 FM in town and at 91.1 FM on the North Shore. If you live or work on the windward side you can always stream the quality programming you’ve come to know and love, live on the web at KTUH.org or on your smart phone or tablet with radio apps like Sound Tap or Tune-in Radio. We expect to resume broadcasting an FM signal to our windward ohana in as little as two months. Please check back often for updates.

Thanks for listening to Hawaiʻi’s only alternative, KTUH!

Joey, Program Director

4 responses to “What Happened To 89.9 FM?

  1. What is your FM frequency in town? Your message says 90.3, but the bannerhead at the top of this page says 90.1.

    • Hi. That post was written when our town frequency was 90.3 FM. We are now at 90.1 FM at a much stronger signal of 7,000 Watts all over Oahu.

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