What I’ve Been Listening To: October 2016 by DJ Harlow

Another month has passed and we received more albums at KTUH. There have been a lot of additions to the R&B section of the library, but here are three albums that I’ve been listening to constantly during this past month.


How To Dress Well’s “Care.” This is the third album for Tom Krell under the alias How To Dress Well. I would consider this album more towards the Future R&B side of the genre, because of the album’s use of electronic beats and instrumentation. So if you’re not a fan of this type of music, then this album wouldn’t be your cup of tea.


Personally, I never heard of this artist before this album. And I was pleasantly surprised because the album is a mixture of an easy-listening/chilled-out vibe and upbeat songs. His vocals also attracted me, because you don’t hear an artist go falsetto for a majority of an album anymore. But How To Dress Well relies heavily on it, and it sounds great. This album has been on repeat multiple times after I first heard it, and I even dove into his past albums. Although his past albums are completely different from “Care,” they are still filled with emotion and also great tracks. But the main takeaway is that this third album is probably my favorite of the month.


Selah Sue’s “Reason.” Here’s another artist that I never heard of before listening to the album. The Belgian R&B artist has made a name for herself in the UK scene with her first album and her popularity is growing with her latest release. This album highlights her soulful singing ability and is very similar to big R&B acts in the UK, which is what attracted me to the album in the first place.


Overall, this album is pretty solid. I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it’s not decent either. It’s somewhere in the middle. If you like artists like Amy Winehouse, Lianne La Havas or Paloma Faith then you should definitely give this album a listen.


JONES’ “New Skin.” There were several tracks that immediately caught my ear while I was skimming through it the first time around. But after sitting down and listening to it in its entirety, I was pleasantly surprised. JONES is another artist I would put under the Future R&B realm of the genre, and she sometimes borders on pop.


The album as a whole is a great mix of upbeat and a slowed down/chill vibe, giving a nice neutral atmosphere in its entirety. Her voice is soulful and calming, which you don’t find a lot of in newer R&B artists anymore. If you’re looking for something that’s off the beaten path in R&B, “New Skin” by JONES is something you should try.


We received a lot of new music later in the month, but I’ll wait until next month to give you my opinion on them. Some of the albums that really have me going right now is Daptone Record’s latest artist The Olympians and I’ve also been digging Lady Wray’s debut album so far. You can listen to my show during the 11 o’clock hour on Sundays to hear samples from all the new stuff we get at the station.

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