What makes your music stand out?

Modern EDM music has seen its twists and turns, over the past three years, trap and EDM in general has exploded into the forefront of the music world. But what keeps the songs from getting repetitive or boring? It seems like a skeleton can be created for every genre. Four on the floor for house, lots of hi hats for trap, 110 bpm for moombhaton. But why do these genres still prevail and grow? Diversity is what keeps these genres alive, the people who refuse to work within the preset boundaries of the genres are the ones who make good music. A prime example is a new song called touched by what so not. Not many people knew this group before the song came out. They combined an interesting rhythm with a super original synth and now they’re a hot topic. Link to the song here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO1C_OnWm4g

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