What’s On Repeat w/ DJ LNM, Volume 3.

Whenever I find something I like, I’ll bury myself in it ‘til I can’t stand it anymore. This behavior applies to almost everything in life—e.g. Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets (every meal in February 2002), hedgehogs (1995), Crocs (2007 until someone asked me if I enjoyed dressing like a toddler in 2009), Ugg boots (2005 to never)—especially music. When I find a song, artist, or album that I like, I’ll listen to it on repeat nonstop until it is forever burned into my psyche.

So every week, I will present to you, blog reader, tracks that have been playing on repeat on my Spotify and a quick explanation why. I might only have a single track, or an entire album; it might be a current mainstream artist, or someone old you’ve never heard of! You’ll just have to check in every week and see.


Week of Nov. 14 to Nov. 21, 2013

 This week was a Lykke Li week. Although both of her albums (“Youth Novels” in 2008 and “Wounded Rhymes” in 2011) have been playing non-stop, I have the tendency to hit the ‘back’ button more often on these three tracks:

I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li

I feel like I don’t have to say much to explain why this is such a good track. Just listen to it, and, “I, I follow, I follow you/ Deep sea baby, I follow you” will be stuck in your head for the next 48 hours.

Melodies and Desires by Lykke Li

Normally, I’m talk-averse, meaning I don’t like it when singers talk during songs. Rappers are, of course, a different story. My skin crawls a little bit when I hear a fake phone call/answering machine message in the middle of a song. (Thank goodness that fad stopped in the early 2000s.) But, this song is absolutely, totally, 100 percent a different story.

Melodies and Desires is so friggin’ well written. The lyrics are simple, but packed with imagery and paired with a soft yet dramatic backing. My favorite lines: “You’ll be the rhythm and I’ll be the beat/Then I’ll be the rhythm and you’ll be the beat/And love, the shoreline, where you and I meet.” *Swoon*


I Know Places by Lykke Li

            Holy moly— this song is so heartbreakingly sad and haunting. My girl, Lykke, is trying to convince a guy she loves (who has been previously hurt) to trust her and let her help. Every time I listen to this six minute-long track, I’m on the verge of sobbing, “Come on, buddy, just let Lykke love you! You’re worth it. YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVEEEDDD! Eeeev-veryone deserves to-to-to be love-d-d-d.” Thanks to I Know Places, recent riders of the #4 and #1 bus now think I’m a depressed mess.


Check in next week for more DJ LNM repeats!

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