What’s On Repeat w/ DJLNM, Volume 4.

           Whenever I find something I like, I’ll bury myself in it ‘til I can’t stand it anymore. This behavior applies to almost everything in life—e.g. Southern accents (2001 until my brother graciously told me to stop a few months later), Flaming Hot Cheetos (2002-2003), Adidas Superstars (1998-2002, I had a pair in every color), music by perennial pervert Peaches (2005-2007), music/actors/paraphernalia from West Side Story (2003 to never)—especially music. When I find a song, artist, or album that I like, I’ll listen to it on repeat nonstop until it is forever burned into my psyche.
            So every week, I will present to you, blog reader, tracks that have been playing on repeat on my Spotify and a quick explanation why. I might only have a single track, or an entire album; it might be a current mainstream artist, or someone old you’ve never heard of! You’ll just have to check in every week and see.
Week of Nov. 22 to Nov. 29, 2013
            Last week was a Lykke Li week, and this week was Yuna week. Yunalis Zara’ai hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has the ridiculously smooth voice of an angel, and super fresh style (!!cool headscarves!!). If you have some spare time, you should YouTube some live performances, because not only is she great in the studio, she has live chops as well. The following two tracks are my favorite off of her new album Nocturnal. BUT! If you like what you hear, you should def check out her EP and first album.
Mountains by Yuna
I Want You Back by Yuna

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