Wolf Saga’s Brand New Track, “Keep Dancing”

Guys, what’s more exciting than a Friday when one of your favorite artists drops a brand new track?! Anishinaabe electro-pop artist Wolf Saga, aka one of my musical husbands (so what if we’ve never met!), released “Keep Dancing” into the world TODAY, March 3, 2017! What a lovely day!

Here’s a description of the track from Revolutions Per Minute: Indigenous Music Culture: “Keep Dancing” is

a melodic ode to joyful resilience and staying true to your vision through all of life’s ups and downs. “The song is a dedication to anyone who’s been told they can’t do something, or who gets treated differently based on their race, or how they look,” says Johnny Saga, “You gotta keep dancing on and pushing through.”

The track is definitely worth checking out. It’s an upbeat song that dares you to try not to dance, even if you’re just perfecting your best seated sway, struggling to remain undetected by coworkers while you work your office job and pipe this song from your headphones to your heart over and over again. (Whut, am I the only one doing that??)

Music aficianado, Hawaiian-language translator, and long-boarding coach Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada had this to say about Wolf Saga, who he saw in concert with Mob Bounce at ImagineNATIVE last year, and “Keep Dancing” in particular:

Those of you who have been to concerts with me know that I will absolutely NOT dance.

If the music is super good, I will sway slightly, often off beat because I am resisting the desire to move that much.

But when the Anishinaabe electro pop artist Wolf Saga came on at the after party and performed with Mob Bounce, I couldn’t help but surge to my feet and kind of flail about uncontrollably with my fist in the air for at least a good thirty seconds before I sheepishly sat down again.

Being surrounded by indigenous people celebrating indigenous creativity and being filled with indigenous joy was one of the most powerful and beautiful things that I had been around in a long while.

All of that is to say, if you need to feel some of that joy today, listen to this new Wolf Saga song and keep dancing  “There comes a time when our hands might get tired / But our feet won’t fail us now”

So, yes, listen to Wolf Saga’s new track. Tap into that joy, fam. It’s Friday and good music abounds.

You can also check out Wolf Saga’s dope 2015 Auburn Nights EP and his 2016 Waves EP.

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